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Home Loans

Home Loans are the best source for people to make their living in their own house and make the life delight. There are many banks offering the home loans attracting people with different schemes and plans. In India the dream of buying house has been increased from past 10 years which made numerous people apply for home loans and people can take the added advantage that include the tax benefits.

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Business Loans

Whether to expand the existing business or to start a new business, business loans helps people all the way through PRFS financial services. Business loans can give financial support and this support is provided by many lenders today. Loans are sanctioned based on the business plans and nature of business. Choosing the type of loan and bank has been a difficult task today where many banks today are introducing impressive schemes attracting the business people all over the country.

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Project Loans

Project Loans or Project Finance is long terms financing services that are lend to individual projects started by individual customers or companies. Term loans can be sanctioned by the banks based on the company need or individual need. There are different project loans introduced by the banks and the banks take care of all the documents for sanctioning the loan for customers. With a high degree of flexibility, at present the banks of introducing the new schemes attracting the customers all the time.

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Term Loans

Term Loans are generally paid on regular intervals of time that lasts for one to ten years. The term loans the basic commercial loan that typically have the fixed interest rates with monthly and quarterly payment schedules. Terms loans can be either project loans or non project loans and are been sanctioned based on the interest of customers which can be either in rupee or foreign currencies.

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Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans can be available for people who need to take any property keeping their existing land, house, building as guarantee. There are different mortgages available for buyers and many banks today are supporting mortgage loans. Clients can keep an eye on their budget and choose the best service that perfectly fits their financial needs. Many banks are permitting the loan with easy documentation along with speedy approval under attractive interest rates.

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Working capital Loans

Working Capital Loan is the fund that is used for day to day operations of the firm or company which refers to the difference between the current assets and current liabilities. It is common measure of liquidity, efficiency and the overall health that includes all the cash, accounts receivable etc. People can contact the nearest banks for more details about the working capital loans.

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Personal Loans

Personal Loans are the general purpose loans that can be used for the tide of credit card dues. This loan can be provided on an interest evidenced by the note specifying the principal amount, interest rate and date of payment. The borrower can receive the money or even borrow the money called principal from lender and need to pay the equal amount at the time mentioned in the bond. Money can also be paid at regular installments and many banks today are giving access to the personal loans for customers.

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Auto Loans

Auto Loan is generally a loan that is used to purchase the automobile that are obtained from the bank. There are many banks giving the auto loans at low interest and people who are dreaming to buy any vehicles can approach the nearest bank to know the details of how to apply the auto loan. These auto loans are not deductable on the federal income tax returns and these are available for people at low interests.

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